Partial List of Past Speakers


     "After Fertilization: What the Sperm Brings"
     Stuart Meyers, D.V.M., Ph.D., University of California, Davis
     "From Rodents to Humans: Insulin Growth Factors Command Gonadotropins Actions in the Ovary"
     Carlos Stocco, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine


      "Uterine Gland Development and Function: Insights from Animal Models"
      Thomas E. Spencer, Ph.D., University of Missouri
      "Holistic Scientific Approaches to Improving Reproductive Performance of Lactating Dairy Cows: Foster Mothers of the Human Race"
      William Thatcher, Ph.D., University of Florida


       "From Egg to Embryo: A Peripatetic Journey"
       Richard Schultz, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
       "Epigenetic Regulation of Gene Expression in the Placenta"
       Doug Antczak, Ph.D., Cornell University
      "How to Make an Ovary: From Organogenesis to Cell Fate Determination"
       Humphrey Hung-Chang Yao, Ph.D., National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS/NIH)


"Temporal Differences in Granulosa Cell Specification in the Ovary Reflect Distinct Follicle Fates"
Blanche Capel, Ph.D., Duke University Medical Center
Three P’s of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Promise, Prudence and Progress
Gary D Smith, Ph.D., University of Michigan

Paying Attention to Inflammation in the Oviduct
Phillip Bridges, Ph.D., University of Kentucky

Developmental Programming of the Preimplantation Bovine Embryo
Peter J. Hansen, Ph.D., University of Florida



Gene networks and epigenetic mechanism controlling female puberty”
Sergio Ojeda, Ph.D., Oregon National Primate Research Center
Jeffrey Rosen, Ph.D., Baylor College of Medicine
Tracking and Targeting of Breast Cancer Stem Cells
Bo Rueda, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School
Oogonial stem cells: Can they serve as a source for high-grade ovarian adenocarcinoma?
Mats Troedsson, D.V.M., Ph.D., DACT, DECAR., University of Kentucky
Selective Sperm Transport in the Equine Reproductive Tract
Keith Betteridge, M.V.Sc., Ph.D., FRCVS., University of Guelph
Equine embryogenesis: lessons and challenges from the living and the dead



Mouse Models of Ovarian Cancer to Study Disease Etiology and for Therapeutic Testing
Sexual Differentiation of Brain and Behavior: Roles for Hormones, Sex Chromosomes and Epigenetics
The Role of the Insulin Receptor in Mammary Alveolar Development: Perspectives from In Vivo and In Vitro Model Systems
Ovulation, an Outcome of Dynamic Interactions among Genes, Cells and Organs
Androgen Synthesis and Disease, Traditional Models, Non-traditional Models and Unexpected Opportunities


Novel Mechanisms of Hormone Resistance in Breast Cancer
Can Environmental Exposures affect Human Fertility
Stroke and the Aging Brain: A Neuroendocrine Perspective
New Insights to the Intracellular Control of Progesterone Synthesis in the Corpus Luteum
Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome-An Environmental Cause of Abortion


Frequency-Dependent Gonadotropin Regulation by Pulsatile GnRH
The Hedgehog Signaling Pathway in Ovarian Follicle Development
Dysregulation of Circadian Rhythms and Sleep-Wake Cycle: Impact on Female (and Male) Health
Kisspeptin: The Newest Member of a Triumvirate of Arcuate Nucleus Neuropeptides Critical for the Regulation of Gnrh Secretion in Sheep
Circadian Clock Control of the LH Surge
Sandra Legan, Ph.D. of the University of Kentucky, College of Medicine Department of Physiology


Estrogen regulation of the central reproductive axis
Sally Radovick, M.D. of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Neuroendocrine regulation of female reproductive function requires convergence of estradiol and IGF-I signaling in the hypothalamus
Anne M. Etgen, Ph.D. of Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Estrogen regulation of GnRH receptor gene expression: Elusive or Illusive
Colin M. Clay, Ph.D. of Colorado State University
Signaling pathways regulating ovarian follicle formation
Kelly E. Mayo, Ph.D. of Northwestern University
Estrogen regulation of luteinizing hormone release
Mary C. Gieske, M.S. of University of Kentucky
Heat shock factors and their epigenetic role in sperm
Donald C. Wilkerson, Ph.D. of University of Kentucky College of Medicine



Pubertal hormones meet the adolescent brain and an adult is born
Cheryl L. Sisk, Ph.D., Neuroscience Program and Department of Psychology, Michigan State University
Integration of progesterone receptor and MAP kinase-dependent signaling pathways in breast cancer models
Carol A. Lange, Ph.D., University of Minnesota
The search for the elusive memebrane progesterone receptor in the mammalian ovary
John Peluso, Ph.D., University of Connecticut Health Center
Defining the role of the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma and its ligands on breast cancer progression
Michael Kilgore, Ph.D., University of Kentucky College of Medicine
Molecular analysis of pathways regulating endometrial function
Franco DeMayo, Ph.D., Baylor College of Medicine


Fetal-maternal interactions in the initiations of labor
Carole Mendelson, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Mechanisms of inhibitory Ah receptor-estrogen receptor crosstalk in breast cancer
Stephen Safe, Texas A&M University System Health Sciences Center
HIV infection in women: Multiple sites of possible action
Melinda Wilson, University of Kentucky College of Medicine
Estrogens co-opt growth factor receptors to stimulate breast cancer growth
Richard Santen, University of Virginia Health Sciences Center
Is caloric restriction the ovarian fountain of youth?
Mary Zelinski, The Oregon National Primate Research Center


The controversy over GABA and the afferent control of the GnRH neurons
Suzanne M. Moenter, University of Virginia
Estrogen receptor beta in the brain: Not just another receptor for estrogen anymore
Robert J. Handa, Colorado State University
Reproductive immunology outside of the uterus: A gonadal perspective
Joy L. Pate, The Ohio State University
Localization, regulation, and function of Runx1 in periovulatory ovaries
Misung Jo, University of Kentucky
PPAR gamma activation and function in cancers of the breast and colon
Clinton D. Allred, University of Kentucky
The oocyte-granulosa cell interface in the ovulatory follicle: Closing the gap
Marco Conti, Stanford University


Nuclear receptor-cofactor interactions: Points of convergence between multiple signaling pathways
Donald P. McDonnell, Duke University Medical Center
Proteolytic and cellular death mechanisms in ovulatory ovarian rupture: Pathophysiologycal implications
William J. Murdoch, University of Wyoming
Neuronal steroid hormone receptors: Integration of hormonal and environmental information (Are steroid hormones essential)?
Jeff D. Blaustein, University of Massachusetts
Ovarian follicular cysts in dairy cows: When good follicles go bad
William J. Silvia, University of Kentucky
Role of activin and inhibin in the female reproductive axis
Teresa Woodruff, Northwestern University


Neuroendocrine and paracrine regulation of luteal functions
Wolfgang Wuttke, University of Göttingen, FRG
Functional genomics and mammalian reproduction
Martin M. Matzuk, Baylor College of Medicine
How does a hormone generate so many different signals? A look at gonadotropins
Tae H. Ji, University of Kentucky
New insights into signaling pathways and proteins involved in steroid hormone biosynthesis
Douglas M. Stocco, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
The prolactin family expansion and pregnancy
Michael J. Soares, University of Kansas Medical Center


A paleontologist's perspective of the evolution of mammalian reproduction
Jason Lillegraven, University of Wyoming
Estrogen receptors: Mechanisms, actions and selective modulation
Benita Katzenellenbogen, University of Illinois
Developmental acquisition of the thermotolerance in bovine embryos: Basic and practical implications
Peter Hansen, University of Florida
The ovarian matrix metalloproteinase system: What, where, why, and how
Thomas Curry, University of Kentucky
Regulation of gene transcription in the reproductive axis
William Chin, Harvard University
Neural systems controlling episodic GnRH secretion: How neural plasticity determines reproductive function
Robert Goodman, West Virginia University



Basic biology and practical implications of selection of a single ovulatory follicle in cattle
Milo Wiltbank, University of Wisconsin
Obligatory role for ARF6 in luteinizing hormone receptor desensitization
Mary Hunzicker-Dunn, Northwestern University
The oocyte-granulosa cell regulatory loop
John Eppig, The Jackson Laboratory
GnRH neurons: Site of integration of estrogenic signals
Lothar Jennes, University of Kentucky
Cellular mechanism establishing sex differences in the brain
Margaret M. McCarthy, University of Maryland
Gonadal steroid regulation of the gonadotropin-releasing hormone neurons
Allan E. Herbison, The Babraham Institute


Autocrine mechanisms in the control of steroidogenic enzyme gene expression
Michael Melner, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee
Autocrine regulation in the ovary: Role of GnRH
Peter C.K. Leung, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia
Alterations in hypothalamic neuronal function associated with lactation
Susan Smith, Oregon Regional Primate Research Center, Beaverton, Oregon
Neuronal progesterone receptors: Where signals converge to surge
Jon Levine, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois
Neuroendocrine regulation and repercussions of the "menopause"
Phyllis Wise, University of Kentucky


Effects of everyday stresses on reproductive function: Dieting, exercise and psychological stresses
Judy L. Cameron, Oregon Regional Primate Research Center, Beaverton, Oregon
Regulation of GnRH receptor gene expression in sheep and cattle
Terry M. Nett, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado
Physiology and cell biology of the primate ovary
Anthony J. Zeleznik, Magee-Women's Research Institute, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Immune-inflammatory challenge disrupts the estrous cycle: Mechanisms and mediators
Fred J. Karsch, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan


Gene regulation in the ovary: A multiplicity of hormones and cell signaling pathways
JoAnne S. Richards, Northwestern University
Actions and regulation of inhibin and activin in the ovarian granulosa cell
Kelly E. Mayo, Northwestern University
Trophoblast differentiation and its role in the interaction with the endometrium during implantation and placentation in different species
Allen C. Enders, University of California at Davis
Chemosensory and hormonal influences on male hamster sexual behavior
Sarah W. Newman, Cornell University


Multifaceted action of prolactin in the ovary
Geula Gibori, University of Illinois at Chicago
Invaders of the mind: The march of neurons and mast cells into the brain
Ann-Judith Silverman, Columbia University
Making steroid hormones in the gonads and the placenta
Jerome Strauss, University of Pennsylvania
Seasonal reproduction: Neuroendocrine and environmental determinants
Irving Zucker, University of California at Berkeley


Breast cancer, progesterone receptors and hormone resistance
Kathryn Horwitz, University of Colorado
Signal transduction and regulation of pituitary hormone gene expression
Richard Maurer, Oregon Health Science University
Molecular actions of PGF2α in the ovine corpus luteum
Gordon Niswender, Colorado State University
Novel mechanisms for the regulation of GnRH production
James L. Roberts, Mount Sinai Medical Center



What is required to produce a good blastocyst in vitro
Robert Foote, Cornell University
Apoptosis as a proximal cause of ovarian follicle atresia: Conservation of processes based upon a non-mammalian model
A.L. Johnson, University of Notre Dame
Estrogen and hypothalamic regulation of gonadotropin gene expression
Margaret A. Shupnik, University of Virginia Medical School
Metabolic fuels and reproduction in female mammals
George N. Wade, University of Massachusetts


Early aspects of ovarian follicular development
Anne N. Hirshfield, University of Maryland
Regulation of gonadotropin gene expression
J. Larry Jameson, Northwestern University Medical School
Phenotypes associated with disruption of the estrogen receptor gene
Kenneth Korach, NIH-NIEHS
Galanin co-expression and regulation in GnRH neurons
Robert A. Steiner, University of Washington


Regulation of follicular development and function in cattle
Joanne E. Fortune, Cornell Univeristy
Molecular mechanisms of estrogen receptor function
Jack Gorski, University of Wisconsin
Alpha-subunit glycoprotein hormones: Evolution of combinatorial codes for tissue-specific expression in hormone regulation
John H. Nilson, Case Western Reserve Medical School
Gonadotropic and local control of follicular and luteal function in the primate ovary
Richard L. Stouffer, Oregon Regional Primate Research Center