First Year

The intern rotates on days (6am-7pm) with shared weekend call. The intern’s responsibilities consist of:

  • Postpartum rounds with the chief resident at 7am
  • Obstetric triage
  • Management of uncomplicated labor
  • Spontaneous vaginal deliveries
  • Primary cesarean deliveries
  • Postpartum tubal sterilization
  • Medical and surgical treatment of miscarriages

Second Year

The second year resident’s obstetrics rotation on Labor and Delivery days (6am-7pm) with shared weekend call. The second year’s responsibilities consist of:

  • Obstetric triage
  • Management of all patients on Labor and Delivery, supervision of the intern’s management and primary management of high risk patients and maternal transfers from surrounding hospitals
  • Operative vaginal deliveries
  • Repeat cesarean deliveries
  • Cerclage placement
  • Presentation of patients during check-out rounds at 6:00pm

Chief Year

The chief resident’s obstetric rotation on Labor and Delivery (6:30am-7pm) with shared weekend call. The chief’s responsibilities include:

  • Management of postpartum rounds with the interns at 7am
  • Presentation of postpartum patients at attending rounds at 7:15am
  • Assist with coordination of the operating room schedule
  • General supervision of all resident activities on Labor and Delivery
  • Supervision of obstetric triage
  • Assist junior residents during operative vaginal deliveries, cesarean deliveries, post-partum tubal sterilizations, cerclage placement and during the surgical treatment of miscarriages
  • Supervision of medical student activities and education on labor and delivery