Night Float

First Year

The first-year’s responsibilities include:

  • Postpartum rounds with the chief resident at 7:15 a.m.
  • Obstetric triage
  • Management of uncomplicated labor
  • Spontaneous vaginal deliveries
  • Primary cesarean deliveries
  • Medical and surgical management of miscarriages

Second Year

The second-year’s responsibilities include:

  • Coverage of gynecology oncology patients
  • Gynecology consults
  • Emergency gynecological surgeries, i.e., ectopic pregnancy, ovarian torsion, miscarriages
  • Morning rounds with the Gynecology Oncology service, including presentation of patients to the rounding fellow
  • Management of subspecialty and generalist inpatient gynecology patients

Third Year

The third-year’s responsibilities include:

  • Management of all patients on labor and delivery, primary management of high-risk patients and maternal transfers from surrounding hospitals
  • Management and supervision of triage patients
  • Consultant for the emergency department
  • Operative vaginal deliveries
  • Cesarean deliveries
  • Call coverage for antepartum patients
  • Presentation of labor and delivery patients during attending rounds each morning at 7:15 a.m.

Chief Year

The chief’s responsibilities include:

  • General supervision of all resident activities on labor and delivery and the gynecology service
  • Supervision of obstetric triage
  • Assisting junior residents during operative vaginal deliveries, cesarean deliveries, and during the surgical treatment of miscarriages
  • Performing and assisting the gynecology resident with emergent surgeries
  • Management and disposition of obstetric and gynecology consults with the respective resident