Resident Benefits


Year Amount
PGY-1 $ 49,294
PGY-2 $ 50,946
PGY-3 $ 52,689
PGY-4 $ 54,721


Year Weeks
PGY-1 2
PGY-2 3
PGY-3 3
PGY-4 3


All major holidays are recognized by the University of Kentucky. If a resident works a holiday, he/she is given a bonus day that may be taken at another time. During the Christmas/New Year's Season, residents split the holiday with each resident receiving one week off.

Medical Insurance

The tables and information below represent one of the most popular insurance plans
available from the University of Kentucky. However, other plans are available. Dental and 
vision plans are available on an elective basis. 

Visit the Human Resources Department for more information.

Educational Money

Residents receive the following discretionary funds for educational use:

Year Amount
PGY-1 $500
PGY-2 $750
PGY-3 $750
PGY-4 $2000

Academic Meetings

At the beginning of the second year, residents receive a $1,500 stipend to be used for any conferences/courses of their choosing. In addition, if a resident presents at a conference and/or meeting, they are allotted up to $1,500 for travel expenses.


  • Pager provided
  • Call money for meals
  • Lab coats (3 per year) with embroidery
  • Employee parking permit
  • $10,000 Basic Life insurance provided at no charge
  • Disability insurance provided after 12 months employment