Coker Research

Ann L. Coker, Ph.D., MPH

Verizon Wireless Endowed Chair
Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Ongoing Research Support

Coker (PI)  9/30/15 – 09/29/19
CDC – 5U01CE002668
Growing Communities of Researchers and Colleges for Primary VAW Prevention Because the 2013 Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act1 (SaVE) now requires bystander training for all publicly funded colleges and universities, a "natural experiment" presents itself as the opportunity to determine relative bystander training efficacy across multiple colleges.This research seeks to determine the promise of bystander interventions for college communities as mandated by SaVE and provide capacity to grow and support VAW researchers into the future.

Coker (PI)  9/06/13 – 11/30/18
CDC – 5R01HD075783
Evaluates the longer-term impact of Green Dot Across the Bluegrass, an active bystanding-based randomized intervention trial in 26 high school across Kentucky designed to reduce sexual and partner violence (5U01CE001675) in a cohort of seniors as they transition into young adulthood.

Completed Research Support

Coker (PI) 9/30/09 – 9/29/2014
CDC – 5U01CE001675
Green Dot across the Bluegrass: Evaluation of a primary prevention intervention
Major goal is to evaluate a promising new intervention to prevent dating and sexual violence.

Coker (PI) 9/25/09 – 9/24/2014
NIH – 5R01MD004598
Does Violence Against Women result in disparities in cancer care for women
Major goal of this cohort study is to determine whether violence against women influences the cancer care continuum and whether violence may explain the racial or ethnic disparities in cancer survival.

Coker (PI)  9/05 – 8/09
CDC – 1R49CE000606
Using batterer psychological profiles for prevention of partner violence
Major goal of this cross-sectional study is to estimate the frequency of and risk factors for partner violence perpetration using batterer psychologic profiles in a multi-ethnic community college sample.

Coker (PI)  4/05 – 3/08
NIH – NCI 1R21CA114330
Understanding disparities in cervical cancer survival
Major goals of is to explore disparities in cervical cancer stage at diagnosis, treatment and survival in Texas, a large state with great ethnic, income, and rural / urban diversity.

Coker (PI)  9/00 – 8/06
CDC – US4CCU419014
Demonstration Projects for the Early Intervention and Prevention of Sexual Violence and Intimate Partner Violence Among Racial and Ethnic Minority Populations
Major goals of this randomized intervention is to screen women attending primary care clinics for partner sexual and physical violence; test two clinic-based intervention to reduce the impact of violence for women.