PATHways Program

Perinatal Assessment and Treatment Home (PATHways) This program is specially designed to bring multispecialty services to pregnant women who are seeking assistance for opioid use and other substances. Our goal is to provide an effective, multidisciplinary team to focus on each patient’s unique needs and circumstances. We provide group counseling, individual therapy, case management, peer support and consultation with Neonatology, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Nursing, Social Work and Substance Abuse counseling to oversee complex circumstances in a non-judgmental, non-stigmatizing environment.

Contact Information:
Polk-Dalton Clinic
217 Elm Tree Lane
Lexington KY 40507
859-218-6165 (Office Phone)

For more information or to schedule an intake:
PATHways Program Director
Jason Joy, MS., LMFT
859-218-6165 (Office Phone)

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