Fourth-Year OBGYN Program

Lauren Baldwin-Branch, MD
Program Director

Our fourth-year curriculum options are designed to offer a variety of experiences to increase relevant clinical exposure to OB/GYN and build skills needed for future success in residency and beyond. We have acting internship (AI) experiences that offer students the chance to take on an increased level of autonomy and responsibility as compared with our third-year students. The AI rotations include expectations for students to see and evaluate patients with supervision, document those interactions in the electronic health record (EHR), communicate with other services and nursing personnel regarding patient care, participate in or lead hands offs, and place orders in the EHR.  We offer AI experiences in the tertiary academic center settings, the rural community setting, and in a variety of clinical settings and subspecialties. We additionally offer elective rotations in OB/GYN which allow great flexibility in tailoring an educational experience to our individual rotating students.

Below are the fourth-year courses offered in OB/GYN: 

OBG-850 Acting Internship: Gynecologic Oncology

OBG-854 Clinical Clerkship in Obstetrics (L&D)

OBG-855 Elective: Gynecology

OBG-863 High Risk Obstetrics (MFM)

OBG-890 Elective: Obstetrics & Gynecology Off-Site

OBG-901 Acting Internship: Community OB/GYN in Morehead

For any questions regarding courses, electives, waiting lists, research opportunities, shadowing, etc., please contact clerkship coordinator Laura Schwarz, at