Program Goals

Banner of a female professor working with a student

The primary goal of the BIRCWH program is to provide mentored training in research relevant to women's health that will ensure junior faculty establish independent research careers in academic medicine. BIRCWH Scholars are expected to complete a didactic curriculum that leads to a certificate in clinical investigation, and to participate in seminars, retreats and a mentored research project. Each Scholar's BIRCWH experience should culminate in becoming an established independent researcher in women's health.

BIRCWH has identified a cadre of faculty who will mentor scholars in five focused and interacting areas of women's health:

  • Drug abuse and its relationship to sex and gender differences

  • Cancer as it relates to women's health

  • Hormonal regulation across a woman's lifespan

  • Oral health and its impact on women's cardiovascular and endocrine health and pregnancy outcomes

  • Prevention of violence against women

The selection process is competitive. Scholars selected to participate in the comprehensive program will be required to commit 75 percent of their professional time to BIRCWH. Scholars with the M.D. degrees and Ph.D. degrees will remain in the program for one to five years. These years of appointment will be individually reviewed and adjusted at the time of appointment to BIRCWH, based upon the nature of the Scholar's research and a periodic review.