Bottle Feeding Raises Risk of Belly Blockage (CME/CE) (MedPage Today) -- Infants who were bottle fed by older mothers were significantly more likely to be at risk for hypertrophic pyloric stenosis than those who were breastfed, researchers found.
Breast Milk Sold Online May Be Contaminated (MedPage Today) -- Researchers found a high level of bacteria in breast milk sold through the Internet, but it doesn't necessarily translate into an increased risk of disease.
Hyperthyroid Drugs Tied to Birth Defects SAN JUAN (MedPage Today) -- Two of the most commonly used drugs for treating hyperthyroidism were linked to birth defects when used in early pregnancy, though they have differing effects, researchers reported here.
TSH Suppression: More Harm Than Good After Cancer Surgery? SAN JUAN (MedPage Today) -- Suppressing thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) after thyroidectomy for low-risk cancer increases the risk of osteoporosis in women without cutting back on cancer recurrence, researchers reported here.