Graduated Scholars

Agatha S. Critchfield, MD

Assistant Professor
Director of Pathways
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Department of Medicine

Mairead Moloney, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology
College of Arts & Sciences

Christal Badour, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
College of Arts and Science

Emily S. Brouwer, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacy Practice & Science

Kate Eddens, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor
Department of Health Behavior
College of Public Health

Amanda Fallin-Bennett, PhD, RN

Assistant Research Professor
Tobacco Policy Research Program 
College of Nursing

Michelle M. Martel, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology

Rachel Miller, MD

Assistant Professor
Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology 

Daniela Moga, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacy
Practice & Science
College of Pharmacy

Claire Snell-Rood, PhD

Research Assistant Professor
Department of Behavioral Science
College of Medicine

Robin Vanderpool, DRPH, CHES

Assistant Professor
Department of Health Behavior


Graduated Scholars (cont.)

Scholar: Subbu Apparsundaram, PhD
Department: Anatomy and Neurobiology
Project: Estrogen Modulation of Central Cholinergic and
Dopaminergic Function Regulation of Presynaptic Choline and Dopamine
Mentor: Lothar Jennes, PhD

Scholar: Kristin Ashford, PhD
Department: Nursing
Project: Smoking and Pre-term Birth
Mentor: James E. Ferguson, MD and Jeffrey Ebersole, MD

Scholar: Phillip Bridges, PhD
Department: Clinical and Reproductive Sciences
Project: Regulation of Oviductal Function and Fertility
Mentor: Jay Ko, PhD, and Tom Curry, PhD

Scholar: Jody L. Clasey, PhD
Department: Kinesiology and Health Promotion
Project: Relationship Between Insulin Sensitivity and Measures of Body Composition in Obese Prepubescents and Adolescents
Mentor: Dennis Karounos, MD

Scholar: Paul Dassow, MD
Department: Family Practice
Project: Increasing Colorectal Screening Among
Women with the use of Mailed Educational Prompts
Mentor: Joyce Beaulieu, PhD, MPH, and Mark Dignan, PhD, MPH

Scholar: Anita Fernander, PhD
Department: Behavorial Science
Project: The Influence of Stress and Coping on Smoking Status and Smoking Behaviors Among Disadvantaged African-American Women
Mentor: Linda Dwoskin, PhD, and Linda Brown Wright, PhD

Scholar: Joan Griffith, MD
Department: Pediatrics
Project: Adolescent Female Obesity, Depression and High-risk Behavior
Mentor: James Anderson, MD

Scholar: Joseph Holtman, MD, PhD
Department: Anesthesiology
Project: Gender, Sex Hormones and Pain Responsivity
Mentor: Tom Kelly, PhD

Scholar: Jane Joseph, PhD
Department: Anatomy and Neurobiology
Project: Effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy on Functional Brain Organization for Spatial and Memory Performance
Mentor: Tom Kelly, PhD

Scholar: Michael W. Kilgore, PhD
Department: Pharmacology
Project: Transcriptional Control of Breast Cancer
Through Peroxisome-activated Receptor Gamma
Mentor: Tom Curry, PhD

Scholar: Ken Kirsh , PhD
Department: Pharmacy Practice and Science
Mentor: Donald Perrier, PhD

Scholar: Michelle Lofwall, PhD
Department: Psychiatry
Project: The Role of Gender and Pain on the Abuse Liability, Stress Response, and Pharmacokinetics of Intranasal OxyContin Among Opioid Users
Mentor: Sharon Walsh, PhD, and Catherine Martin, MD

Scholar: Karen Lommel, MD
Department: Psychiatry
Project: Childhood Cancer Survivors: Psychosocial
Risks for Female Rural Adolescent and Young Adults
Mentor: Cathy Martin, MD

Scholar: Susan Modesitt, MD
Department: Ob/GYN
Project: In vitro and in vivo Histone Deacetlyase Inhibitor
Therapy in Ovarian Cancer
Mentor: Tom Curry, PhD, and Steve Zimmer, PhD

Scholar: Igho Ofotokun, MD
Department: Internal Medicine
Project: Gender Differences in Response and
Adverse Reactions to the Antiretroviral Drugs
Mentor: Claire Pomeroy, MD

Scholar: Alice Thorton, MD
Department: Internal Medicine
Project: Epidemiology and Host Responses to Trichomoniasis
Mentor: Beth Garvy, MD, and Dennis Fortenberry, MD

Scholar: James Temprano, MD
Department: Internal Medicine
Project: Differences in Exhaled Nitric Oxide Levels and Correlation with Markers of Asthma Severity in Pregnant Asthmatics and Controls
Mentor: David Mannino, MD, and Beth Garvy, PhD

Scholar: Anand Vaishnav, MD
Department: Neurology
Project: Effects on Gender on Healthy and Stroke Subtype Patients on P-selectin Expression in Platelets based on Flow Cytometry
Mentor: Suellen Ferraris, PhD

Scholar: Corinne Williams, ScD
Department: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Project: The Effect of Violence on Reproductive Health
Mentor: Ann Coker, PhD, and James E. Ferguson, MD

Scholar: Melinda Wilson, PhD
Department: Physiology
Project: Mechanisms of Estrogen Neuroprotection in HIV-associated Dementia
Mentor: Eric Smart, PhD

Scholar: Faika Zanjani, PhD
Department: Gerontology
Project: Health Disparities Among Women
Mentor: Nancy E. Schoenberg, PhD, and Catherine A. Martin, MD